Russian T Shirts – 5 Examples of Soviet T Shirts From Russia With Love

Russian t shirts are a very famous genre of tee blouse, in particular amongst college students. Soviet t shirts, inclusive of the notorious CCCP t shirts, have emerge as iconic in a similar way to the notorious Che Guevara t blouse. At one time, they would have been worn in the West as a kind of anti-establishment political statement, but, these days they have got emerge as greater of a style statement in preference to a political one.

Russian t shirts are available in many exclusive patterns, together with tourism shirts proposing well-known Moscow landmarks, nationalistic shirts primarily based across the Russian flag and those tee shirts that encompass phrases or phrases written in the Cyrillic alphabet. However, perhaps the most thrilling sort of Soviet t shirts are the ones which can be inspired with the aid of propaganda imagery from the Communist technology, particularly in the course of the Stalinist regime.

Below I actually have chosen 5 of my favored forms of Russian ออกแบบเสื้อ t shirts, which every self-respecting scholar must personal.


These Russian t shirts are primarily based around the well-known “Aeroflot” brand, with a hammer and sickle at its center and some imitation air-plane wings on the edges. The Soviet t shirts have an inscription under the logo, which reads: “AEROFLOT” (written in the Cyrillic alphabet) followed via “Soviet Airlines” (written inside the Latin alphabet).

“Glory to Warrior the Winner”

These true Soviet t shirts are screen printed in Moscow and depict a well-known Soviet propaganda poster from the Stalin technology. The poster includes the dates 1941 to 1945, which turned into the length for the duration of which the united states become at conflict with Germany. Underneath the dates is the photograph of a young, smiling Soviet soldier who has medals on his chest.

Yuri Gagarin

The Yuri Gagarin t blouse is some other famous style of Soviet t shirt, which celebrates the legacy of the primary man in space. These Russian t shirts, that are based totally round a print of Yuri Gagarin in a cosmonaut helmet, are certainly imported direct from Russia.


This Russian t shirt shows a colorful image of the sector well-known St. Basil’s Cathedral, with the phrase “MOCKBA” revealed simply underneath it. “MOCKBA” is of direction “MOSCOW” written inside the Cyrillic alphabet.


The CCCP t shirt has end up a brand in its very own proper, in a comparable way to Che Guevara t shirts, and is probably the maximum well-known of all kinds of Soviet t shirts. “CCCP” is certainly the Latin alphabet version of the Russian acronym for the Soviet Union.