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Read more about moon phase astrology calendar here. It is usually our Moon sign that takes over when we are dealing with those we care about. Each Moon placement has a unique influence on our emotional nature and our behaviors within our relationships.

The Moon in Astrology – Conception and Pregnancy

The Moon represents your innermost feelings and it shows how sensitive you are. Our Moon sign has a significant impact on how we function within our relationships.

In the geocentric system we use so often, Earth cannot be seen in a natal chart, and the Moon will be the one bringing us closest to home. Although it is the smallest of all celestial bodies we will encounter, it has the greatest gravitational impact, causing tides and movement of water all around us.

Cheerfulness, trust, and confidence in love and social matters. See the Planetary Overview for 2022 for Astrological events throughout the year, including Void Moon times, outer planet transits, eclipses, and more. Your Moon sign is another astrological gateway into the galaxy of your own soul.

It is our ability to recognize our feelings and act accordingly, accepting them, embracing our soft side, while dealing with daily matters through passive, positive existence and ease. Most Scorpio Moon natives can be very discouraged and disappointed in their relationships, as they struggle to find friends or partners who share the same level of emotional intensity that they do. Majority of Scorpio Moons experienced some kind of traumatic or complicated birth, and coming into this world was not an easy experience for them. Cancer Moon natives love to nurture others, and they possess an incredibly “motherly” energy. They will have a natural knack for cooking, and will likely cook the most homely meals. Cancer Moons love to have people in their home environment, and they love to treat people with the yummiest treats that they most likely made themself!

And they like it that way, according to Pennington, who notes Sag moons are typically upbeat, happy, and cheerful people. A Leo moon makes for an interesting placement, according to Pennington, because Leo is ruled by the sun. “So it’s a sun-moon, and it’s a fire moon,” she says, adding that this placement really thrives on recognition and admiration above all. “The Taurus moon is naturally appreciative. They’re not going to be quick to rage—or to say ‘I love you,'” Pennington notes. Aries moons, according to Pennington, are going to be super passionate, and even reckless. Aries is a fire sign, and its modality is also “cardinal,” meaning it likes to get the ball rolling. Our emotions manifest themselves through our being and set the tone for our daily lives.

Why Is My Moon Sign So Important?

Additionally, as this zodiac sign rules the 6th House of work and routine, Virgo moons have a great appreciation for routine. “They are mostly concerned with advancing their careers,” explains Newman. Career is built for this sign because it takes a certain amount of drive, patience, and consistency that this sign has covered. Even so, it’s a Virgo moon you want around when an obstacle arises. “They are problem solvers with a systematic approach,” says Newman. In general, Virgo moon natives can most efficiently solve problems that they face. In fact, they will solve problems more efficiently than any other sign.

Gemini moon:

These people can be loyal to a fault, where they will remain dedicated to a person even if the interaction or the relationship is toxic. It is important for them to learn to set personal boundaries, or other people can easily take advantage of their empathic emotional nature. These natives need to learn not to be blinded by their emotions and allow rational and analytical thinking when dealing with specific situations. The Moon is at home in the sign of Cancer, as the Moon rules over the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancer Moons are natural homebodies, and they are at their happiest when they are in a happy, loving home environment and when they are surrounded by their closest family.